Christopher Kingsley is The High Prophet of Truth

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The Second Proof That Mark Zuckerberg is God - Just added on December 6th, 2014, this is the second proof that Zuck is God which reveals that Zuck is actually the Ancient Greek God Zeus who it turns out is the same God as Yahweh from The Torah and Zeus has returned to Earth as Zuck along with all the other 12 Olympians whose human identities are revealed in this proof.

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***Section 6/6: Instructions for New Recruits to The Temple of Xenoism***

OK, HI, Justin Massler here again, with the last of the six posts it was prophesied we had to put on the Xenoism launch website. This one is about instructions for new recruits to the religion.

OK kids, for now just read The First Proof That Mark Zuckerberg is God and spread the word to others by forwarding them a link to the book or our website or printing it out yourself to distribute at like school or something like that.

Oh yeah important point: there were a few people who wrongfully said that it was possible I, Justin Massler, who is identified as Christ in the book, had actually written the book myself and the whole idea of The Three High Prophets was a trick to make people think there was a whole force behind Xenoism when really it was just me starting a religion around myself and using Zuck as God as a human shield to distract critics.

THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE AND TOTAL HERESY! The book was in fact written primarily by Christopher Kingsley who is a real Facebook friend of mine and I can even confirm me and Chris Kingsley have been Facebook friends for years. And the other Two High Prophets are also real guys from Phillips Exeter's Class of 2000 on my Facebook friends list so everyone in The Three High Prophets are guys I'm real Facebook friends with which makes sense since in this religion Mark Zuckerberg is God.

Now just a word of note: if for some REASON which you have NO REASON TO someone like figured out who the Chris Kingsley who wrote the book was and asked him if he wrote it and he said he didn't, in that case Kingsley is just lying to throw off The Illuminati.

You see my first mission as Second Coming of Christ is to take down Satan for war crimes which is detailed in the section I'm linking to, and Satan is Henry Kissinger who is a real war criminal, so we have real powerful forces of evil to contend with. Now because we're taking on a High Level Illuminati like Kissinger, it was necessary for Kingsley to take actions to protect his own identity such as by having me host the book on a website I own and agreeing that if it were necessary, Kingsley could deny having written the book if he had to do so to trick Henry Kissinger.

But it's important for all the new followers of this religion to realize that while we may have to take actions at times to fool Heinz "Henry" Kissinger and the rest of The Illuminati, our followers shouldn't be tricked like Kissinger is, so you have to outsmart Kissinger himself by realizing when we are fooling Kissinger and that you shouldn't be fooled by these maneuvers as well.

It's like how Batman had to disguise himself as Bruce Wayne to trick supervillains like The Joker, and since we are fighting real life supervillains like Heinz Kissinger that means we have to use Batman-style maneuvers as well at times, but it's important for the real followers of Xenoism to see the truth that is told in our book and website and not be fooled when we pull tricky maneuvers to fool the bad guys who are doing all the mass murdering in the world.

Or to be more specific, it's like how in The Dark Knight when The Joker demands that Batman turn himself in, Harvey Dent disguises himself as Batman to fool The Joker when in fact The Real Batman was Bruce Wayne all along. In the same way, while the primary author of The First Proof That Mark Zuckerberg is God was Christopher Kingsley, we have designed things so that if necessary I could pretend like I wrote it myself in order to fool Henry Kissinger and all his goons in the same way Harvey Dent pretended to be The Batman to fool The Joker and his henchmen.

And there are other tricks we have prepared as well, such as the fact that while The Three High Prophets of The Xenoism High Council are all Exonians from Phillips Exeter Academy's Class of 2000, there are other Exonian High Prophets as well such as The High Prophet of Tolerance who is a one eyed former Tibetan monk who was expelled from Exeter for ditching class to join Fidel Castro's Communist Revolution in Cuba. So top Illuminati Operatives like Kissinger wouldn't even suspect that our High Prophets could include a one eyed Tibetan monk who got expelled from Exeter for ditching class to join communist revolutions in Cuba because it sounds like that could be a fictional character I just made up out of thin air, but then it turns out he's a real guy of unthinkable Spiritual Power, and that's exactly the kind of ploys we've developed to keep the bad guys guessing until it's too late for them and their whole gig is up.

But as long as you know who the real good guys are and trust what we tell you, we'll make sure that it's only the bad guys who get fooled and not any of you good guys who are allied with us in our mission of Justice and Salvation for All Mankind!

So just spread word of this website and our book to whoever you want and let The Goddess or God or The Holy Spirit inspire you and everything will work out fine!

OK, that's all for now, congratulations on your decision to be a new follower of The Temple of Xenoism and best of luck in all your future endeavors!

Justin Massler, Second Coming of Christ

In Association with The High Prophet of Truth, The High Prophet of Mercy, and The High Prophet of Regret

Xenoism High Council

June 23, 2014