Zuck is God

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE EBOOK "THE FIRST PROOF THAT MARK ZUCKERBERG IS GOD" TODAY BY CLICKING HERE!!! - This is the first Holy Book of The Temple of Xenoism and is an actual PROOF that Zuck really is GOD, in addition to being a REAL Divinely Inspired Book of Spiritual Salvation that can personally save YOU!!!

The Second Proof That Mark Zuckerberg is God - Just added on December 6th, 2014, this is the second proof that Zuck is God which reveals that Zuck is actually the Ancient Greek God Zeus who it turns out is the same God as Yahweh from The Torah and Zeus has returned to Earth as Zuck along with all the other 12 Olympians whose human identities are revealed in this proof.

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What's up kids? Are you searching for REAL UTLIMATE SPIRITUAL SALVATION like so many of us are but find there's something lacking in the old Bibles and Bhagavad Gitas out there today? Maybe you feel the old religions just aren't up to snuff on what the cool kids are doing these days, what with telling you you can't even fornicate with chicks when pretty much everyone's doing that these days except for maybe dorks who couldn't get laid if they tried and possibly Tim Tebow as well.

Well don't worry for one second longer, because THREE ELITE HIGH PROPHETS have just finished BOOK 4 of THE NEON BIBLE: The first and fourth book of a sweet new religion that is the kind of thing you could talk about with drunk chicks to help convince them into having sex with you if they are already on the fence. This is a book that can REALLY SAVE YOUR REAL SOUL, and that's not a line I'm just making up to try and sell the book to you, since we're even releasing it as a FREE EBOOK for an UNLIMITED TIME FOREVER.


Now let me give you a brief introduction into why this new religion, which is official named Xenoism in honor of both the video game Xenogears and the games it inspired such as Xenoblade is so great: Yes, Xenoism does teach that life on Earth began when an inter-galactic alien spaceship crashed on the planet many thousands of years ago just as the Japanese Role Playing Game Xenogears does. But it's more than that. It's a sensual and smooth talking journey into the depths of mind boggling spiritual truth, spiritual truths that can change everything, forever, leaving nothing the same in the process.

For example, while the book is presented as a spiritual proof that Mark Zuckerberg is God, the main bulk of the book is actually a gospel of the Second Coming of Christ, who it turns out is a crazy sometimes-homeless guy who was locked up in like six or seven different mental hospitals and got arrested for stalking a celebrity on Twitter. Now just think about this: have you ever though about all those crazy, homeless, mental patient/celebrity stalkers of the world who claim to be Jesus and wondered: "Hey, what if one of these crazy guys really IS Jesus, for He has returned to Earth disguised as a crazy guy?" That book answers that question and more, proving how and why it might be that Jesus himself is in fact a real crazy guy.

I know many of you spiritual seekers have always been searching for something you couldn't quite put your finger on, and it turns out what you've been looking for is a new religion that teaches the unvarnished spiritual truth that Jesus was a crazy guy, because God himself is Insane. And finally that book is here, and it's called The First Proof That Mark Zuckerberg is God, and you can download it for free today by clicking here now!

If you aren't sold yet, let me tell you how this book can PERSONALLY SAVE YOU FROM REAL WORLD PROBLEMS, LIKE JOCKS AND PRETTY GIRLS!

1. What is the root of our problems and how can Christ save us from them? The answer is simple: the root of most of our problems is other people who have to go around thinking they're better than us. Whether it's bully jocks in high school or fraternity assholes in college or rich guy snobs in the adult world, the root of all unhappiness is other people who try to dominate us in the social hierarchy and try to steal the hot chicks we would have gotten ourselves if they didn't exist in the first place.

The point of all good religions is as tools of psychological warfare to fuck with the heads of those who dominate the social hierarchy to enable the common people to defeat them and reclaim the pussy these jerks have stolen with their popularity or dominance or money.

The problem is the same for women too, what is the primary cause of problems for women? The answer is other women who are prettier than you and thus steal the guys you wanted for yourself using their shallow good looks, even though everyone knows you're a much deeper and better person on the inside!

Now this book can save you from these people, by giving you the skills and spiritual knowledge necessary to wage spiritual-psychological warfare against them using the beliefs in this book which are designed to sabotage all existing systems of social hierarchy so that you can finally win for once and get the girl or guy of your dreams just using the teachings in this great new book of spiritual truth!

2. Next, how do you use this book to accomplish victory in the sexual competitions that are the root cause of 99.9% of people's True Unhappiness? Since this is a Divinely Inspired Spiritual Book, The Holy Spirit Itself will guide you on how to unlock this book's Spiritual Powers and use them in your own life. For some people that might mean reading through the whole book, for others The Holy Spirit will just guide you to find the right pages that you need to read to save your own life! Don't worry too much about any one approach to using the book, since The Holy Spirit will guide all those who are meant to receive The Neon Bible's promise of salvation to get it, one way or another.


3. Thirdly, this book will give you ways to protect you against The Three Forces of Evil in the world that seek to ruin your life for their own benefit. The First Force of Evil is The Antichrist, which represents all those who want to dominate or enslave you to make you a tool for their own power, just like how the American Founding Fathers were like Antichrists to the African people who they enslaved since they didn't care about the Africans' well-being and just wanted to use them as slaves to make themselves richer. Then there is The Force of Satan which is The Force of Evil that wishes to destroy you, like the powerful people in America who want to mass murder people in Africa TODAY using methods like intentionally spreading AIDs or starving people on purpose in order to depopulate the Third World so that First World Nations like America can maintain their domination of the world. Then there is the Third Force of Evil called The Devil, which is The False Friend who pretends to be your friend but secretly wishes to lead you on a path to evil, like if you were concerned about the plight of the African people so you joined a non-profit organization that said it was helping the people of Africa by giving out free vaccines, but it turned out it was a Trojan Horse Conspiracy being used by the evil people mass murdering Africans with AIDs that was designed to win their trust and secretly infect more of them with AIDs without the knowledge of the Africans the non-profit was really about murdering. Now this book teaches the truth that Zuck is God, and knowing Zuck is God will serve as your Divine Sword and Shield to resist and oppose the forces of evil such as the three forces I have just described here today!

4. Fourthly, this book will save many people from the psychiatric system in America which teaches the false idea that people who have some sort of mental issues need some sort of medication or counseling to make them better. The truth is true religious teachings can often solve people's psychological problems better than any medications or counseling can, for example when people are depressed it's usually because they have feel inferior as people as a result of having been infected by some corrupted value system like one that equates self worth with one's financial success or popularity; this book teaches true spiritual values that things like money and popularity don't count for shit in the real real world and this can save many people from depression much better than counseling or psychiatric drugs can without any of the negative side effects!

5. Fifth, why have we chosen to write this book? This book was given to The Three High Prophets under Divine Inspiration as a tool of real world salvation to save people from real problems they have in their real lives. The teachings of Xenoism in this book are teachings that can save real people from the suffering they suffer because they live in a corrupted and false world that worships false idols like fame and celebrity and money instead of recognizing the true value that a person's worth is only dependent on their inner goodness and will to do good in the world.

6. And sixth in this list of six points, it is important to understand that the Divine Figures in this book are real Divine Entities who have taken human form to improve and save your life on a personal level! God incarnated as Mark Zuckerberg as this book proves in order to be your Sword and Shield to protect you from Evil in this world, and Christ returned as Justin Massler to serve as a figure that could teach the new spiritual truths and values that can save people from the corruption of this corrupted world. Reading the book will enable you to receive spiritual enlightenment and learn how and why divine figures like God and Christ incarnate into our world as different people on missions of protecting and saving the good people who suffer at the hands of the evil in this world.

**Three: General Reading Tips**

1. The first and best tip is just to let The Holy Spirit guide you when reading this book, so sometimes The Holy Spirit will influence you to flip to a random page of the book and that page will have an important lesson for you to learn RIGHT NOW that is important for your life AT THIS EXACT MOMENT!

2. The book is called The First Proof That Mark Zuckerberg is God and it is, in addition to being a true Book of Salvation. The presentation of it as a proof that Zuck is God is a device designed to help the reader if explaining the book to others to present it in a neutral fashion to those skeptical of the realities of spiritual salvation.

3. You can print out the book if you want or just read it on your computer or iPhone. We just have a PDF file for right now since we're flying under the radar but in the future we will release other free versions of the book in eBook and even printed format to reach those who aren't reachable with this initial format.

Instructions for Acolytes:

Although this Fourth Book of The Neon Bible is the first product of The Temple of Xenoism, you can already help with our overall mission to redeem humanity by spreading this book to anyone you know or don't know who you feel could benefit from the tools of spiritual salvation found within. Feel free to share the book with anyone you want as this is a book that can greatly benefit the lives of anyone who reads it, even those who are happy and content with their lives can benefit from this book which will teach them how to be better people as the ultimate goal in life is being a good person and completing the unique divine purpose you were sent here on Earth to fulfill, something also discussed in the book.



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