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This is the Starchaser Space Corps website. If you are looking for Captain Cloud Starchaser's personal website it is here:

NOTICE!! The Starchaser Space Corps is currently recruiting for the Cloud-9 Intelligence Agency, a private intelligence agency whose current mission is to take down the violent terrorist groups like Al Qaeda that are threatening the world's freedom! Read the recruitment ad here if you are interested!

About SSC: The Starchaser Space Corps is an angel-run space defense organization that combats space demons protects the people of Earth from alien invasions. Angels are human-like aliens from a far away planet called Angelion that possess space-time ships capable of traveling across the universe and forwards and backwards in time. I am Cloud Starchaser, an angel and a captain in the Space Corps, and I have been assigned the mission of saving the humans of Earth from extinction as they are currently heading on a path that will result in the release of a supervirus called The Meteor Virus that will kill everyone on the planet within several decades if the Starchaser Space Corps does not intervene.

Space Corps Contact: Captain Cloud Starchaser can be contacted via e-mail at cloudstarchaser1[at]

CHRIS KINGSLEY REPORT! - This is an important report that clarifies that as of June 28, 2014, the human Chris Kingsley has not expressed any public support for or had any active involvement in my activies and my identification of him as being The High Prophet of Truth in The Temple of Xenoism and the author of The First Proof That Mark Zuckerberg is God is based solely on Spiritual Visions I had that Chris Kingsley was this prophesied figure and that he was an Ascended Master who had inspired me to write the book using spiritual means like Astral Projections and telepathic like powers without the awareness of the human Chris Kingsley.


Starchaser in Court

Above: Here is a picture of Captain Starchaser in handcuffs in a New York City court having being charged with a crime he didn't commit.

Current Operations: Currently my main operation is launching Starchaser News and Analysis, an internet news start-up. I have been trained to do this with the help of my spaceship, The Starchaser Immortal, which is artificially intelligent and knows the secrets of starting a successful business that many humans do not.

SSC Reports: He are the current reports I have discovered which shed light on my current mission and operational parameters:

1. The Meteor Virus and General Mission Report - This details the overall SSC mission to save mankind from extinction.

2. Starchaser News and Analysis Pitch Report - This details the creation of Starchaser News and Analysis.

3. Starchaser News and Analysis Competitor Report - This is a strange letter but it contains data on my first adventures in the Starchaser Space Corps.

4. Report on Exeter SEED Program - This is about SEED, a program of the SSC that is crucial to saving mankind.

5. Heroic Destiny Squad Al Qaeda Briefing - Heroic Destiny Squad is a professional hero team created and operated by the Starchaser Space Corps which is currently focused on shutting down the Al Qaeda and related terrorist groups.

6. Xenoism Authorization Report - Part of my mission to save humanity involves creating a new religion called Xenoism and this is my official authorization which gives me the authority to start a new major world religion on Earth.

7. The First Proof That Mark Zuckerberg is God - This is a proof that Mark Zuckerberg is God created by The Three High Prophets of The Xenoism High Council which also proves that I, Cloud Starchaser, am the real Second Coming of Christ. It also finally proves once and for all that I am innocent of the charges that I stalked Ivanka Trump since I never did and it's a real relief to finally have a book out there that conclusively proves my innocence.

8. Chris Kingsley June 28th Report - This is a report that clarifies that as of June 28, 2010, the human Christopher Kingsley was not an active participant in Space Corps activities and is instead someone who is prophesied to be a future member of our team.

9. Cloud - 9 Recruitment Ad - This is a recruitment ad for the Cloud-9 Intelligence Agency, our private intelligence agency which has taken on the mission of putting a stop to Al Qaeda and other jihadist terrorist groups who threaten the world's freedom for good.

10. Cloud - 9 Formation Report - Short document officially stating the formation of the Cloud - 9 Intelligence Agency.

11. Zuckerberg Open Letter - This is an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg asking him to help with Space Corps operations.

12. C.I.A. Briefing Concerning Captain Starchaser Take-Over - This is a briefing to The Central Intelligence Agency about the fact that as of October 20th, 2014, Captain Cloud Starchaser has taken over The Agency and is now the HNIC of the whole CIA.



The final six of the first 18 reports on this page are concerning the project to save the world called Project Blue Beam Z Kai and you can click this link for a separate page with links to these six key reports but I'll also put them on here.

13. Joshua Kushner Henchman Pitch - This is a pitch to Joshua Kushner of Thrive Capital to take on a new position of a loyal but dimwitted henchman in my service which is a great career move for him to make. This report is very important because it explains the true nature of the mission to save Israel and why I had to stalk Ivanka Trump as part of this real mission for Israel's future.

14. Black Swan Reality Show Pitch - This is a pitch to The Hot Girls Club from Mark Zuckerberg's High School for a new reality show called Black Swan that I need them all to star in that's key to saving Israel. We needed a team of three girls who we could pass off as being The Hot Girls Club from Mark Zuckerberg's High School for this show and the three girls I need for it are Ashley Arenson, Christianne Amodio, and Lo Bosworth, who I guess are all like BFF in real life but now they need to become real secret agents on a real secret mission to save the world that only they can do. Lo Bosworth didn't actually go to Mark Zuckerberg's High School like Ashley Arenson and Christianne Amodio did but there's a reason she's the third girl anyways in this Hot Girls Club which is explained in the pitch.

15. Heroic Destiny Squad Web Show Pitch - This is a pitch for my new upcoming web show Heroic Destiny Squad which will eventually spawn like real T.V. shows and movies and shit like how Hardy Bucks was a web show that then became a T.V. show and then a movie. This show has literally been in Production Hell for like nearly 10 fucking years but it's finally time to go so I had to write a final pitch for it before it launches.

16. Natalie Portman Secret Movie Pitch - This is a pitch for a secret movie project starring Natalie Portman that I really need to get to Natalie Portman ASAP. I told freaking Joshua Kushner to help me out in his henchman pitch by forwarding it to an actor he's friends with who could forward it to Natalie Portman but getting the people I need to read this to read it may be a bit of a headache because the pitch is 93 pages fucking long and kids are so intellectually lazy today they can't even read one goddamn 93 page movie pitch without you hitting them over the head with it twenty fucking times first.

17. Cloud Starchaser Six Main Names Report - This report covers my Six Main Names and three other names I have to clear people up on what all my different names are for those who get confused by all the names I have.

18. Why Cloud Starchaser is a Jackass Explanation Report - This report explains my true nature to people who don't get me like to people who can't tell if I'm joking or serious and it turns out I'm just a jackass who says things he's serious about in a joking manner. This also explains why an insane clown is the only man who can save the world from terrorism for good and why I HAVE TO BE an insane clown if I am to stop terrorism once and for all which I'll do just because I'm a True Hero like that.

Starchaser Space Corps Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What's the deal with Cloud Starchaser and Ivanka Trump?

Answer: I covered the Ivanka Trump situation in The Meteor Virus and General Mission Report, the data on Ivanka is towards the end of the report.

Question: What's the deal with Cloud Starchaser and Tucker Max?

Answer: The Tucker Max situation is covered in The SEED Program Report near the beginning of the report.

Question: What's the deal with the rumors that Cloud Starchaser is schizophrenic and the media reports that he's been locked up in mental hospitals?

Answer: Schizophrenia is not actually a mental illness, it's just a mental state of being that's been mistaken for a mental illness in American society in the same way that homosexuality was once mistakenly considered a mental illness some 50 or 60 years ago. For example, it used to be common to lock homosexuals in mental hospitals too and force them on psychiatric medications they didn't need. One prominent example was the case of the brilliant mathemetician Alan Turing who, after he was discovered to be a homosexual, was forced on psychiatric drugs he didn't need resulting in terrible side effects and Turing's decision to commit suicide. The reality turned out to be that homosexuality was not a mental illness at all but just a state of being and that the problem was not homosexuals but instead homophobics, people who were afraid of or intolerant of homosexuality, and it was these homophobics that were causing all the real problems.

In the same way that homosexuality is fine and not a mental illness and the problem is just homophobics, schizophrenia is fine and not a mental illness and the problem is just schizophobics: people who are afraid of or intolerant of schizophrenics. The problems schizophrenics have in America are not due to schizophrenia itself since being a schizophrenic is great, it actually enlightens you and gives you mental abilities others don't have. The problem is just that America is filled with schizophobics who are intolerant and afraid of schizophrenics which leads to the unjust persecution of schizophrenics which is wrong in the same way it was wrong to persecute homosexuals for the way they were.

In the future it will come to be that humans learn that schizophrenia is not a mental illness and that all the problems associated with schizophrenia in today's world are entirely the fault of the schizophobics.

I covered the realities of schizophrenia and the proper way to interact with schizophrenics in The Starchaser News and Analysis Pitch Report towards the end of the report. If you yourself have any concerns about schizophrenia or are unsure of the proper way to interact with a schizophrenic this report will explain things to you.

Question: What's the deal with the Starchaser Space Corps? Is this supposed to be real or a joke or science fiction or some kind of Live Action Role Playing Game (aka a LARP) or a cosplay thing like Trekkies (Trekkies are people who dress up like they are Star Trek officers and go around pretending that Star Trek is real) or what?

The Starchaser Space Corps is a real space defense organization that combats space demons and protects the people of Earth from alien invasions. I spoke about my first adventures in the Starchaser Space Corps which occurred in 1997 when I was a student at Phillips Exeter Academy in the Starchaser News and Analysis Competitor Report. My first experiences in the Space Corps are recounted in this report as the story I say I am using for a Harvard admissions essay.