Welcome to the Earth Division of the Starchaser Space Corps' New Homepage!

The Earth Division of The Starchaser Space Corps is run by Planetary Savior Cloud Starchaser. He is also known as Jesus Christ, The Messiah, King Moshiach, The Chosen One, and The One.


Dear Citizens of Earth:

The real Jesus Christ is Justin Scott Massler/Cloud Starchaser who is pictured below:

Justin Massler/Cloud Starchaser is the ONLY real Jesus Christ.  There was no actual Jesus Christ in history. The Gospels are really a mythical allegory about Justin Massler/Cloud Starchaser's early life like Man of Steel in which he is played by Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman. The Passion of the Christ is really an allegory for how Justin Massler/Cloud Starchaser was socially crucified as being a crazy Ivanka Trump stalker when he is really The Messiah. Jared Kushner who is Ivanka Trump's husband is actually the real Damien Thorn Antichrist from The Omen movies and the 666 on Jared Kushner's office building 666 5th Avenue is the real Mark of the Beast from the Book of Revelation. Meanwhile the divine significance of Easter is on the Easter when Justin Massler/Cloud Starchaser was 33 his son with Ivanka Trump was born, his name is Theodore James Kushner. Theodore James Kushner's name comes from two Christ Allegories who are versions of his father: Theodore 'Ted' Logan from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Harry James Potter.

There are countless mythical versions of Planetary Savior Justin Massler/Cloud Starchaser besides Jesus Christ as he exists as the Meta Hero of every story ever told. 8 movie versions of him from which you can get a good overall picture of who he is as a person include.

1. He is Neo in The Matrix played by Keanu Reeves.

2. He is Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone played by Daniel Radcliffe.

3. He is Danny Torrance in The Shining played by Danny Lloyd.

4. He is Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman in Man of Steel played by Henry Cavill.

5. He is Tucker Max in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell played by Matt Czuchry.

6. He is Goku in Dragonball Evolution played by Justin Chatwin.

7. He is Peter Quill/Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy played by Christopher Pratt.

8. He is Jesus Christ in The Passion of the Christ played by Jim Caviezel.

.: Here is more info on the real Jesus Christ, Planetary Savior Cloud Starchaser :.

The Royal Family of Jesus Christ, House Starchaser - This is a list of the 108 members of Christ's Royal Family, House Starchaser.



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